1. You must be a special kind of person that I made you #chocolate, #doublechocolate and #maltesers #brownie cups! #yum


  2. You are more beautiful than you think!

    Working off of Dove’s current messaging; all women are beautiful regardless of their physical attributes, this hair and skin care company developed the above video - Dove Real Beauty Sketches.

    This compelling video by Ogilvy and Mather illustrates in a very subtle but impactful way that the perception of yourself is different from another’s perception of you. A sketch artist draws two pictures of the same person; one based off of a self description and the other of someone else’s description of that same person. 

    Once completed, you can see a side by side comparison between the two sketches. That’s when you realize, the thoughts you have of yourself are different from those around you.

    The best part? It’s actually true! Try it, ask someone you know or don’t know that well (depends on how adventurous you are) and ask them what they think your best physical attribute is. Is that one yours? Do you even have one? The next time you look in the mirror, your thoughts will change! Let me know how it goes - @adsimplified on Twitter 

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way. It’s the perception of beauty that alters.

    No question about it, this campaign is vault worthy!


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    This is a supremely clever anti-smoking idea.

    Perfume strips were handed out by attractive women in a shopping mall. But the scent on the strips was that of cigarette smoke. The line on the strips: Is this the smell you want people to remember you by?

    For most people, vanity is way more motivating than long-term health. And for that reason alone, this idea is pure gold.

    Source: Ads of the World

    Advertising Agency: Staff Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Creative Directors: Paulo Castro, Neca Bohrer
    Art Director: Marcos Becker
    Copywriter: Jorge Barros
    Graphic Producers: Márcio Baptista, Ronaldo Las Casas
    Account Manager: Rafaella Eyer
    Account Supervisor: Daniela Autran
    Art Buyer: Erika Ataide
    Advertiser’s Supervisor: Luisi Valadão

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    The Glad tend, solving the music festival tent problem.

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    A brilliant idea for Snickers. Agency write-up below.

    (Hat tip to Anthony Kalamut!)

    Snickers knows that when you’re hungry, you’re not yourself. Your productivity goes down, thinking becomes harder and you begin to make mistakes here and there. It’s been the basis of Snickers’ campaign over the last few months and this campaign takes advantage of that common occurrence, misspelling search terms.

    AMV BBDO in London worked with Google to identify the top 500 words that people regularly misspell and bidded on them through Google Adwords. So when someone misspelt said words, they would be greeted by an ad linking to Snickers’ site.

    As a use of Adwords, it’s pretty clever. Since we type so fast, we’re all guilty of misspelling search terms every now and again, and we’re quick to say that it rarely happens when in actual fact, it occurs more often than we’d like to admit.

    In just two days, the ad was seen by over 500,000 people, and since few would run an ad campaign based specifically around misspelt words, the cost for implementing it was rather minimal.

  6. Efficient advertising!


  7. @Dove domination with swim suits and cleats!

  8. "umm what is that?" - said the next generation #bell #payphone


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    This commercial is a piece of evil genius. Never have I seen such a terrible argument so brilliantly presented.



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    Getting People’s Attention

    The Enclave ad, like many other Council ads, capitalizes on the second characteristic of sticky ideas: Unexpectedness.

    The ad is unexpected because it violates our schema for car commercials.

    The commercials reminds us that accidents are inherently unexpected — we ought to buckle up, just in case.

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    Mars campaign for 16-24 yr olds.

    Awesome and smart!

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    Male Stripper Billboard by Interbest Outdoor - Y&R Not Just Film