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  1. Awesome film about Re-Imagining Advertising by Google with Johannes Leonardo and Grow Interactive.

    Video explains how much we need creative thinking in the world and how we communicate with those advertising concepts. One can know about the most intricate and complex technology but if one does not understand how the advertising world works, then what’s the point?  You will have a really cool piece of technology that illustrates a picture and a few words, but that’s all.  No interaction, no concept, no background thought, just a picture and words. 

    "In a beautiful collision of minds and media, Project Re: Brief is a grand experiment whereby Google partnered with five of the brightest “old-school” legends from advertising to re-imagine their most iconic creative work from a half-century ago for the modern web.”

    It’s a perfect explanation as to how this industry works. It’s not just an ad it’s a way of thinking from experts in the industry. Who else would know better than those in the midst of the change than the experts? The above video includes some of those CEOs, to Creative Directors to VPs of Marketing, all from Google, Avis, CocaCola, Volvo and Alka-Seltzer.

    "Matches the personality perfectly with the brand"
             - Harvey Gabor, Art Director at Hilltop, CocaCola (in 1971) 

    Harvey explaining that ads should match how the brand wants to be perceived by the target audience. An ad should represent the brand to the consumer in less then a minute.

    "Instead of showing the people is there a way to connecting people?"
            - Matt Clack, Senior Art Director at Grow Interactive

    This is what goes on during a creative session; people ask questions and find creative and innovative answers to those questions. It begins a whole new stream of thought to roll with.

    "Who do we want to reach? What do we want to tell them? Here’s how we are going to do it."
            - Amil Gargano, Art Director at Volvo in 1962

    Exactly what advertising is all about! Who, what, how, when and where! Now, just answer the questions and illustrate the concepts through the correct media, at the right time! Simple!

    "Always adapt your technique to the idea" 
           - Keith Reinhard, DDB Worldwide 

    "Just tell me what the story is. Once we knew the story, we know immediately how to bring that story to life"
           - Drew Ungvarsky, Creative Director & CEO at Grow Interactive  

    "The idea is still king. We are just dealing with a new way of bringing that to the audience."
           - Alex Romas, Senior Copywriter at Johannes Leonardo 

    "We do this full time. This is all we do and yet I am constantly learning about new things…The speed of change is overwhelming but I think it’s also the exciting part and also the challenge"
           - Susan Wojcicki, Google 

    "We created a personality. That’s what Advertising agencies do, they create personalities. They create and association and a persona that is largely the creation of the creative people in an advertising agency.
           - Amil Gargano, Art Director at Volvo in 1962 

    The above quotes are from those in the industry right now! How they perceive the changes and innovations of advertising and technology. How all these additions are assisting in different ways delivering a message to the consumer. 

    If you’re in advertising take an hour of your day to watch this video.  It is a great video all about the current and iconic thoughts of advertising as a whole.  It’s amazing how a simple concept of an ad from over several decades ago is just as important and easy to work with at this present day. That in itself goes to show how great of an original ad it truly was and how much of a great job that team did then and now.

    Advertising is not about a picture, a word, a tagline or even a song. It’s all about the message, how it is perceived by the target and how an ad connects the brand being illustrated to that consumer. 

    Advertising is not complicated, it’s actually very simple. Those who take the time to understand how it all works and connects are those who know how simple it truly is.



  2. Samsung III against iPhone 5! Full story here, by Mashable.


  3. PURE GENIUS! Love how Cundari made such a strenuous chore for kids, at the SickKids Hospital into the simplest task with a very creative app!

    Sometimes others neglect the fact that these people are just kids. If an adult is enduring pain and are exhausted after a long day, imagine how these kids feel.

    Just watch the video. Nothing else needs to be said, it’s just so great! Thank you!


  4. Nike's “Write The Future”  World Cup Commercial for the 2010 FIFA Games. I know, I know, the Euro World Cup is happening now and I’m two years off BUT this commercial is too epic!! 

    This full length TV ad features Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney and Cesc Febregas and what would happen if they made that one goal or if they missed it!

    Commercial is so well put together. It’s as if we can see into the players’ minds! That right there is a great way of creating a personal connection with the target to the players. That’s what Nike is about. Connecting!

    Read the full case study about this epic commercial here on Staying Curious (blog) What else would  Wieden+Kennedy focus on when creating these commercials for the World Cup, than connecting with people around the globe! it’s so simple and so smart!

    Another great example of Nike’s connection to the world through the World Cup games is this new commercial: My Time is Now 

    Well done Wieden+Kennedy these are awesome commercials and will always been know as simply, Epic. Two years from now, we will look at back at the ‘My Time is Now’ commercial and do exactly this!


  5. Rona ‘Doing It Wrong’ Campaign

    Rona’s current ‘Doing it Wrong’ Campaign is pretty unique; using reverse psychology for their TV ads is a good idea. Most campaigns explain what the target needs or wants and then resolves the problem in a traditional manner.

    Sid Lee being the lead creative advertising agency for Rona, is a good change for the Canadian How To People!  Looking back at Rona’s previous ads and campaigns they all visualize how the target can gain knowledge, understanding and help by simply visiting a local Rona store.  

    Rona’s ‘Doing it Right’ slogan was previously represented by showing appreciation of those who complete a renovation job by themselves and with the help of Rona professionals.  Each ad had a separate setting but the same point, of course; the achievement of completing a DIY (Do it Yourself) job correctly. 

                          Rona ‘Doing it Right’ Original Commercial series: 

                                 Doing it Yourself: Captain Announcement


                                 Doing it Yourself: Stadium Announcement


    Reno-man being the character in a series of commercials, is a smart idea! It’s as if the character is relating to those home owners (aka Rona’s target market) who are more focused on (DIY) projects. Difference between the commercials then and now? 

    If you haven’t noticed, there are more and more DIY shows created now than ever before. That’s another aspect relating to the target. The ‘Reno-man’ commercial series resembles those types of shows.  Make sense now? It’s like the target is watching a show but in 30 sec commercial format. Thus, relating directly to the target and what they would go through, if not for Rona. SMART!

                                Rona Doing it Wrong ’Cutting Corners’ series: 

                                                Cutting Corners: Installing a Shelf 


                                              Cutting Corners: Doing Tiles Wrong 


                                                Cutting Corners: Installing Doors 


    What’s even better about this ‘Doing It Wrong’ Campaign, is that it’s not as traditional in comparison to the previous and other home reno store ads. As explained above, the illustration of these commercials relates completely to the target and how to prevent it but in a contradictory way.

      Thinking outside the box hits another level!Funny and well thought out commercials!
                                                        Vault worthy for sure!


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  7. Donation Army - OroVerde by Ogilvy & Mather 

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  8. Miniature Billboards Made of Legos! article by AdWeek

    Legoland Places Miniature Billboards Made of Legos Around London Less is more in DLKW Lowe campaign 

    The above post and pictures are from 

    Link to the article: Legoland Places Miniature Billboards Made of Legos Around London

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  9. Event Sponsorship at its best!


    March 6th 2012 marks the 100th Birthday of the Oreo Cookie by Kraft Foods. Over the years millions of different cookies have been introduced but no other cookie can replace the original, ‘Milk’s favourite cookie’.   

    At the Toronto Eaton Centre, Canada hundreds of fans celebrated Oreo’s 100 years and the ‘Being a Kid’ campaign, including yours truly and a friend/college Wendy Hill.


    This event is a perfect example of how event sponsorships should take place.

    What makes it so great? Let’s break it down from a target perspective. 

    1. Oreo is known for being Milk’s favourite cookie and with that it makes sense for the free milk given out, along with samples of the original Oreo cookie.

    2. If Oreo’s ads are deconstructed, one would realize that they are all filmed around day time. Taking that into account, the event was during the day. Duh!

    3. Celebraties assist in drawing a crowd and creating a buzz for the target. ‘Whose Line Is It Away?’ star Colin Mocherie and singer Jully Black were the celebrities presented at the event. 


    Fans could take pictures with the celebrities in front of the GIANT Oreo cookie. YUP GIANT!! Commercials for this campaign were nothing less than big Commute and School Board


    4. Finally, sponsoring or partnering up with a well known company or organization is the icy filling within the cookie! It is essentially complimenting the main event. Natrel Milk was the perfect partnership for the event and the brand itself. 


    It just made sense! From the simplicity of providing milk with free cookies to the Canadian celebrities for the target was a nice touch! The giant cookie created a crowd. A cookie costume was walking around handing out sample cookies and kids could take pictures with the walking Oreo cookie.  Accommodating the whole Canadian target range; from kids to parents is not an easy event to create, and this looks so good! Very nice!

    Many cookies were destroyed while creating the event. There will be NO apologies for that!


  10. Alcohol and Newspapers, Go Hand in Hand!

    Miller Genuine Draft in the Metro Toronto Newspaper! This was a pretty extravagant cover page ad.  Usually, newspapers don’t have these pages and lately Metro is breaking that boundary and allowing these cover ads be the first item viewed prior to the Top story.  

      Front Outside Cover: Transparent page outlined to view just the logo and Metro name



                      Back Outside Cover: Transparent page that looks like a fridge!!!



    Not only do ads such as the above show interest from a newspaper publication to the target, but also from a client and advertising agency to the publication. Very nice!!

       On behalf of advertisers everywhere, viewing Print as a dying Medium, Thank you!!


  11. David Beckham Bodywear Hand Pained Billboard


    YUP! You read correctly! This Out of Home ad for David Beckham’s new menswear collection, carried by H&M, was HAND PAINTED! 

    This two minute video of the hand crafted 220 foot billboard, is of course a fast-track version of the two week process!! It was made at good old Penn Station in New York City! 

    As shown in Super Bowl XLVI, the debut of this campaign was part of the long commercial line up. Beckham simply standing there and showing off his new line of menswear was very pleasing to the eye.

    Missed it? Just for you, here it is!  Official David Beckham Bodywear Super Bowl Ad


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